When it comes to lights on your car we would advice to rather be on the safe side. Go to your nearest police station and asked them what the lighting laws are in your area for:

  1. “is it legal to have flashing lights on your car”
  2. “is it illegal to have flashing white lights on your car”

Here is a snippet from our South Carolina Lighting Laws blog post:

““A person shall not drive, move, or park any vehicle or equipment upon a highway with a lamp or device on it displaying a red or blue light visible from directly in front of the center of it.” – SC Code § 56-5-4830 (2012)”

 There’s a couple of sections to the lighting laws in the US:

  • SECTION 56-5-4830. Special restrictions on lamps; degree of intensity; red, blue and flashing lights. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4830]
  • SECTION 56-5-4840. Selling or using devices or equipment to change design or performance of lamps or reflectors. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4840]
  • SECTION 56-5-4530. Illumination of rear registration plate. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4530]
  • SECTION 56-5-4540. Motor vehicles shall be equipped with rear reflectors. [SC ST SEC 56-5-4540]
  • SECTION 56-5-4590. Color of clearance lamps, side-marker lamps, reflectors, stop lights and back-up lamps.[SC ST SEC 56-5-4590]

Visit Justia US Law for more information regarding US lighting Laws. 


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