LED strips are an easy-to-install addition to any motor vehicle – the same goes for motorcycles. If you need help wiring tail light on to your motorcycle, consider these diagrams

Dual Intensity Brightness running/brake light wiring diagram
Brake & Running Light LED strip wiring controller diagram

If you’re having issues with the LEDs, consider these easy fixes:

Ensure that the positive wires are connected to the tail and brake lights

Check the voltage of the battery when the bike is off, should your lights not turn off with the bike.

Be sure to get power for the LEDs from a source that turns off with the bike.

Extra Information


I purchased all the necessary products and used the following diagram to install the LED strip as a brake light on my motorcycle. I used the following diagram to do so.
https://www.oznium.com/images/wiring_diagrams/led_dimmer/led_dimmer_positive.jpgEverything works fine except for the fact that the LED strip stays on when I turn my bike off. Did I use the wrong diagram?
Should I have used this diagram instead?
https://www.oznium.com/images/wiring_diagrams/led_dimmer/led_dimmer_negative.jpgThanks for the help.

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