Want to know how to hook up led lights to the fuse box in your car? The first thing you need to do is find the right fuse. Then, you need to ask yourself when do you want the lights to come on? With the headlights or when you turn on the car. Obviously, this largely depends on the kind of LEDs you’re looking to install.

There are 2 main ways to power your LEDs from the fuse box:

1. If you want them to come on with the headlights, you need to find the fuse that controls the inside lights of your car, so you’ll be looking for a fuse labeled as something in the line of gauges, interior lamps, dash or lights.

2. However, if you want the lights to come on when the car is on, choose the fuse that controls your radio or even your ignition – this implies that when these things are turned on, the lights will be on as well. Either one of these options should be easier than the option to turn on your LEDs with the headlights.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll need to splice into the wire to the specific fuse. Ensure that your key is in the on position and find the hot side of your fuse using a multi-meter. The side without the voltage or the “dead” side, is the side you’ll be splicing into, this is simply for extra fire protection.

Alternatively, you can run new wiring for your extra lights to avoid complications in your car’s performance.

Next, find a spot you can use as a ground, a bare metal bolt without any paint or rust on it will make a great ground point because the electromagnetic waves will be able to travel through it and close the circuit without any interruption. The firewall, under the dash of your car is a great place to find a good ground spot, just make sure to secure the bolt again after you’ve completed.

Consider adding an inline fuse for added safety, you’ll need to connect the inline fuse close to the connection at the fusebox. You can now connect to your LEDs, positive to positive, and negative to negative, test that they’re in good working order and mount Your LED lights.

Don’t forget to tidy it all up, tie up your loose wiring with some zip ties and tuck them away neatly. And that’s how to connect led lights to the fuse box of your car in a few simple steps. Still have burning questions? Contact us, we’re always willing to help.

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