If you want to know how to wire a 3 way switch but can’t find a decent 3 way switch wiring diagram anywhere. Never fear, it’s really simple to do. All you’ll need are 2 SPDT- single pole double throw switches, or simply put, 3 way switches.

  • You’ll have 4 wires, the 2 connecting to the led and battery power are your “common” wires, and the other 2 connecting to the terminals, or loose ends of the common wires, are your “travelers.
  • Start by wiring the common wire of the first switch, this one should connect to the power source.
  • The common of the second switch needs to connect to the load.
  • Wire 1 traveler from the one switch’s terminal to the terminal on the other switch.
  • Repeat the process with the second traveler.

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Finally! One I can help with! I understand why you want to do it this way because you can turn the lights on at the bed then turn them off inside the cab.

We did this same exact thing for my buddy’s truck. Its simple to do. Its the same concept as a hall light in your house that is using a 3-way system with 2 switches to control the lights, one switch at each end. Instead of using spst (single pole single throw) switches you will need spdt (single pole double throw) swithces AKA a 3-way switch.

Radio Shack should have small ones that you can pick up pretty cheap. The wires that attach to the battery power and the LEDs is known as the “common” and the other 2 wires are “travelers”. These can be flipped at one end without any problems.

They just allow the switches to work together to change the state (on or off) of the lights when either switch is flipped. If you think about what will happen in the pic when one switch is flipped it might help you to see how it works. You just need to make sure that the common is in the correct place on the switch.
Good luck and If I can help any more just let me know!


I promise it will work. You need to remember that these are NOT SP (single pole) switches. They are SPDT (single pole double throw) switches.

Cab switch – UP
Bed switch – Down
State – OFF

If you flip the cab switch you have this…

Cab switch – Down
Bed switch – Down
State – ON

Or the bed switch

Cab switch – Up
Bed switch – Up
State – ON

Its simple. If you change only one switch, either one. The state changes.

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