The great thing about a lighted rocker switch is that you’ll always know when the circuit is closed. So to ensure you always have this convenience, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure your lighted rocker switch is properly wired up and will light up when you switch it on.

  • Hook up your first power wire from the terminal of your led to the power connection on the switch.
  • The second power wire will be connected from the accessory connection of the switch to the battery.
  • Connect the first ground wire from your led’s terminal to the ground connection of the switch.
  • Connect your last wire from the switches ground connection to the battery.


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Post Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:25 am

Hi all – great forum! I need a lighted rocker that I can I make the negative wire the one that is switched. Is there a lighted rocker that has the indicator light separte from the switch? Thanks!

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just reverse your normal hookup.

and you can make your own. use an led and a plain rocker. if you need clarification, ask.


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Yep – what Kevin said. All a switch does is create a “break” in the circuit that interrupts the flow of electricity. With a switched ground, you connect the accessory to the 12V positive directly and put the switch on the ground wire – when it’s flipped off the connection to ground is broken and current cannot flow.
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I think you’ll have to use a relay if you use a dependent LED switch

You could do it easier though with this independent one: – Look for the bottom one in the list “Amber LED Independent”

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If it’s an incandescent illuminated rocker you can feed 12 volts into the “GND” lug since you reversed the loop it’ll light up