Is it illegal to have underglow lights in Texas?

Even if the law says they are legal, you could still get pulled over and hassled because the cops may not know the law. Even if they are illegal, you could go for years without getting pulled over because cops don’t care enough, or might not see you. If you have some LEDs under your dash you will probably be ok. If you have flashing red and blue LEDs glued all around on the outside of your car, chances are, you’d get pulled over.

Trying to figure out the legality of LEDs in a certain area can be very difficult. It isn’t as simple as looking up the vehicle code for your state. Vehicle code can be very confusing and conflicting. Even a call or email to your local police station can be misleading.

People have been told one thing and even had written proof, only to be pulled over and slapped with a ticket by an officer who may not know the intricacies of the law.

Regardless of the law in your area, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of being hassled.

* Hide the light source so it is not directly visible from the road. Make a shield with a long piece of “L” aluminum or steel. Use black electrical tape to hide a section of the light.

* Take extra caution to obey all laws. If LEDs are perfectly legal in your area, and you are speeding just a few miles over the limit, a cop is more likely to give you a speeding ticket than if you had no lights on.

* Save the strobing red/blue for the car show or your driveway. Blue and red might be fine to cruise with as a solid color, but as soon as they strobe, you may cross the line as “impersonating a cop”

* Keep a copy of the vehicle code in your car. You can just print or copy the section that deals with lighting. Present it to the officer if you are pulled over.

* Respect police officers. They protect you when you are being shot at, they protect you when your house is broken into. Respect them and they should respect you.




hey is underglow illegal in texas??? i know that red underglow and blue underglow because it resembles the fire department and stuff but is like white underglow or yellow and other colors illegal???

this question has been asked. alot.
anyways, for the most part (depending on where yuou live is a big factor of course) you can get away with it. there will eventually be a **** cop that nails you for it though, given enough time. to be 100% safe, dont drive with them on. take the risk and enjoy it and pay the $120 ticket or w/e if not
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dude it is like the license plate law, most of the time you can drive without one for years with no problems but then you get that one cop that has nothing to do or just feels like pulling over the next guy without one and he pulls you over for no front plate. The same goes for the neon, aslong as it is not flashing red infront of the car or flashing red and blue it is ok but even flashing solid red or blue (like when using it with the bass from your stereo) it can cross the line of impersonation of a police vehicle, i see alot of imports with them on all the time but once they get into the city they turn them off



Ya, I don’t drive with mine on either…. just park and glow. Also flashes with alarm 🙂
I did get pulled over once in Arizona for driving with them on… got a warning luckily.


I live in Round Rock and I asked a friend of mines brother who is an RR Officer. They are illegal supposedly all over the state, but only certain PD’s enforce it. The main reason I know is, Im originally from Port Arthur and I called the pd tonight and they told me that they dont care as long as the bulbs arent showing. The officer told me since there is no definitive law that has come down from Austin they dont care. So basically you need to talk to your local PD and see what they say. As for DPS they will give you a ticket everytime because they work directly for the state. Also I have leds in my A/C vents and they arent really visible on the outside because my windows are tinted. I also have two purple strobes one in each speaker grille on my dash that are hooked up to a seperate control box, so I can turn them on or off as I choose as well as change the way they strobe, those I know not to use while driving even if they arent red or blue. I also have two more of the purple neon strobes in my headlights but they are not connected to the control box, they are powered by my exterior neon toggle. I had those on the other night and the officer that pulled me over didnt say anything about those, other than they looked good, so Im taking that as they are legal. So the moral of the story is…call your local PD and if you dont have your lights on toggles, get them that way you can turn them on when you arent driving down the road.

According to the texas Transportation Code Chapter 547 Subchapter D section 305… underglow is only illegal if it flashes or does patterns like most LED underglow systems do. on top of that, its only illegal to flash if its blue, red, or white. so in theory, you can have flashing underglow lights as long as they arent those colors. but if you wanna play it safe, just get solid tubes that arent blue, red or white. I have blue tubes and i’ve had them for 2 years and in the past 2 weeks i’ve gotten 2 tickets for them. and not as something to tack on, they pulled me over exclusively for my lights.
long story short, if you want underglow, get a color that isnt one of the 3 on emergency vehicles, but if you really want one of those, jsut make sure htey dont flash.
ps – your probably wondering why if i know this i still got tickets, i told the cops this and they didnt seem to care so that sucks. they claim they know exactly what the law says. eventhough i said i looked it up and that mine done flash. still got the tickets. so i just paid them off and went on with life. but now i carry a print out of 547.305 in my car and next time i get pulled over i’ll have something solid to show him and if i STILL get the ticket ill take it to court. hope i helped guys.