What are the Massachusetts Lighting Laws?

Lights on Privately Owned Vehicles: “Section 7E. No motor vehicle operated pursuant to section seven other than fire apparatus, ambulances, school buses, vehicles specified in section seven D used for transporting school children, and vehicles specified in section seven I shall mount or display a flashing, rotating or oscillating red light in any direction, except as herein provided; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall prohibit an official police vehicle from displaying a flashing, rotating or oscillating red light in the opposite direction in which the vehicle is proceeding or prohibit fire apparatus from displaying a flashing, rotating or oscillating blue light in the opposite direction in which the vehicle is proceeding.” – MGL 90-7E






Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack! I even asked some state troopers and got the good ol’ no red no blue speech with a side of just don’t do it, it’s not worth it! But no cold hard facts!
Anyone have any specifics on rules in America’s Great Bastion of Liberalism? (I’m ready to move down South).
I want to put blues in my grill, will I get a ticket if I’m just parked and sitting there? Will it even pass MA state inspection? I heard no.
I’ve got blue footwells and want to extend to do some cathodes in the back or up a little higher? Will I get nailed for that?
Finally- want to replace my domes and map with blue LEDs- any advice??
As a friend once told me, “If it’s going to be illegal anywhere, it will be illegal in Mass. They have a piece of legislation for wiping your ***.”
Thoughts dear friends??

Yeah, I think we’ve all noticed that there is no “set” part of glow laws. Best info we can give ya is don’t drive with them on, and if ya do….its on you.
Welcome to Oznium by the way.
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im from mass bro, and i can tell you that when i asked a state trooper, he said “you’re fine with any color in a parking lot, or in your driveway, or at a show, just turn them off when you are driving, but be reasonable, dont go into the dunkin donuts parking lot and put on a show.”
ive had glow for a while now and only in fitchburg will the cops be an ass to you about it. i was told to remove my neons that were on my dash (no fine given). he ticketed me for my tint and head/tail covers. of course he didnt care about the crack that spanned the length of the windshield.
i leave mine for the parking lots and driveway use, besides, no one can give you a compliment directly to you when you are driving anyways except for the people in your car.
what part of mass are you from?




Our city police in Ontario (Canada) are a lot less strict. I drive around with mine in multicolor all the time, with no hassels. Don’t get me wrong, our provincial police are stricter and a lot will pull you over for having them on though – I haven’t been yet.
And, now that I have my undercars back on the truck, I have had more heads turning, fingers pointing, and even a group of people in a car cheering the lights. And, in my opinion, the people in my truck can’t see the ligths under it, so how can they compliment you on them?!?!?!?!?!
And if you have any lights on your dash, mirror, or rear deck, chances are you will get pulled over just for having visible lights. I have heard of police pulling people over for the windshield washer lights (I don’t like those anyway!).




I live in Boston, but I work up on the North Shore and my fiancee’s family is down on the South Shore and in RI- so I’m everywhere and on the road a lot- hence why I was worried.
Thanks for the advice, I can’t tell you how much of a pain it’s been trying to get this figured out.
BTW- my idea sounds decent, yes? Not too ricey? I’m trying to be as classy as possible.