Why does my LED Rocker Switch not Light up?

If your LED Rocker switch won’t light up, don’t panic – it’s actually quite an easy solution. If the switch won’t light up, there’s a good chance that you’ve just attached the wires incorrectly and possibly blown a fuse because of your ground and positive wires connecting.

So, here is an easy to follow solution. At the back of the switch, you’ll find the connectors as well as small numbered markings:

  • #2: 12v Positive Source – battery, fuse block etc.
  • #3: 12v Accessory – 12v to your lights
  • #4: Ground – for the light on the Rocker switch

You can find a full wiring diagram here for those who prefer visual cues.

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Extra Information


Could the light bulb have blown a fuse? I took it apart and it looks like the filaments in the bulb are still intact. As for the wiring, here’s the situation. I’m not exactly an electrician so I apologize if my question seems dumb as well 

There are 2 wires that the original switch came with. They were clips that slid into the prongs that stuck out the back of the original switch. Both wires are black. Since the clips didn’t really fit over the new switch’s prongs, I spliced the wires so they could wrap around the screws on the LED switch. I tried placing the wires on all combination of the prongs that the LED rocker switch came with. 

Am I supposed to connect the 2 wires to the 2 prongs and then get a seperate wire and place that on the “ground” prong and screw that into a metal part on my car? Again thanks to everyone for their help.

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