When your High Intensity Discharge Lights or HID lights aren’t running at optimal brightness, or if only one of your HID light bulbs stays on at a time, it may seem like it’s just not going to work at all.

Before you throw in the towel, consider this:

If you have DRL or Daytime Running Lights, the problem could be that your HID’s don’t run very well on the half power you’re probably getting from your DRL. You may find that only one light will remain on, or if you’re lucky to have both lights burning, they’re just not as bright as they’re supposed to be. The solution is simple! Redirect the DRL to be the parking lights, instead of the half power low beams and they should both work at optimal brightness without any further problems.

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ok, well my first thought is usually DRL are a big issue, cause HID’s dont like to have that 1/2 power that they are giving them, so that could be one problem. as for the rest, i mean, i would say just start fresh, use a wiring harness and you should be ok. also it could possibly be your headlight switch not working right? im not to familiar with this car so sorry.


Thank you for your reply. icon_biggrin.gif
I believe the switch is ok tho. Thanks for the info on HID’s not liking 1/2 power. I never knew that. I becoming smarter about cars all the time. My husband is really impressed by my new knowledge!!


I believe I’ve found the solution. In Canada we are required by law to have DRL. I had the dealership reroute the DRL to be the parking lights instead of the 1/2 power low beams. From what I understand… HIDs dont like the 1/2 voltage they get from DRLs.
They also replaced the HID system with an upgraded version.
Its been a few weeks now and I have no longer had the random one or two lights “on” problem.
I am so happy… so far, and I hope this issue is forever resolved!!!

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