Fuse holder under your hood by battery melted and you need help!

Reading through the Thread it seems most suggest to get a better Fuse Holder, however there might be more to why the fuse holder melted.

We suggest you do the following to make sure your Fuse Holder does not melt:

  1.  Ask your local guys down at the audio store/garage to have a look at your Fuse Holder if it is the right one
  2. Make sure your Manifold is not too close to your Fuse Holder
  3.  Make sure your Fuse did not blow

Extra Information


ok so this is what happened.. my fuse holder under the hood by the battery was perfectly fine until my brother in law asked me to play a certain song on a cd of his to see how hard it would thump with my system. I did so and then once we were done I shut off my car and went in the gym (this was in the parking lot before our workout) so when we finished I got in my car and turned it on, only to find out that for some reason my subs weren’t hitting anymore..

I took out the multimeter and saw that I was getting power to the amp through the remote wire but not through the power wire, so I looked under the hood only to see that the fuse holder melted where the wires connect to it.

what the hell was that all about?? I did have the bass up a little more than usual but not much…

any ways my wire is 4 guage…

what can I do to prevent this from happening again once I replace the fuse holder and fuse if I want to turn my bass up that high again??? and why did this happen???

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