Sold by the foot. For example, if you order a quantity of "1", you will get 1 foot. If you order a quantity of "8", you will get 8 feet. Only available in White (Cool).

Our Flexible LED Ribbon Strip line has just gotten an upgrade, with the mecca of all additions, the Tri-Chip LED Ribbon. By far our brightest, most durable, and most efficient LED ribbon strip, for use in almost any interior location.

With ribbon so flexible, it can make achieve 90 degree angle bends, these ribbons can be shaped and bent to your hearts desire for use in a vast array of interior lighting applications. As long as we're being honest, this product also makes it quite easily to replace that out-dated, rubbish, dim lighting we all know we have somewhere around the house.

The Ultra Slim-Line Tri-Chip LED modules used in the Tri-Chip Ribbons are not only our brightest yet, but most efficient lighting yet! With a White color you can easily replace any traditional lighting around the house, camper, office, under cabinets, RV, even on the interior of your boat. Use the White color for Retail Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Trade Show Lighting, or anywhere you want a perfectly crisp white cast of light.

You wont believe the brightness, or the tremendous energy savings packed into this robust LED ribbon strip, and we guarantee you'll be hooked once you try out this truly revolutionary product. Feel free to email our experts any time for lighting questions, or questions about this product, we're always here to help!

With 9 perfectly spaced LEDs per foot, you can be sure to get that even light spread we all desire, even when mounted close to another surface. Units are plug and play, but require minor electronic skills (solder two wires, and you're good to go!)

Plan on buying more than one foot? We'll send you a continuous strip to make installation a snap!