Wiring a 4 Pin lighted rocker switch, depends on the type of rocker switch. 

We have these two Rocker Switches, with technical information:


Just remember, whenever you come across a part with unknown connections, the first thing to do is look for the datasheet! If you don’t understand the pinout from the datasheet, then by all means post a question about it and we will assist with the wiring of our Rocker Switches.

Below is a diagram on how to wire a 4 Pin Lighted Rocker Switch:





I need a little help wiring a 4 Pin lighted rocker switch. The switch has no labels of any sort so I tested it. Below are the results. 

User posted image 

Now how would I go about wiring it so that the LED works together with the switch? Will this work? 

User posted image 

BTW the switch is used to control an LED tube.

That’s kind of generic on what you have. What type of switch do you have? Is it a standard DPST? Or is it a SPDT with a terminal for LED ground? Post a link where you bought the switch.
Regardless, you can NOT wire it the way you posted in picture 3. You can NEVER connect positive voltage to ground (Pin 4) b/c it’s a short
bad venge


You need to take an ohmmeter and test it ,
check with switch in off and then in on position
likely 1 is power and 3 is output if the switch is closed
4 might be the ground for the light



My guess is that it’s a SPDT switch with an extra prong for the LED (kinda like the ones from here are SPST w/ an extra prong for the LED).
My GUESS is that you connect things between pins 1 (or 2) and 3. Then you ground pin 4 for the LED. THIS IS JUST A GUESS. Make sure you test it with a ohm meter to double check.


Thaks guys! After much criss-crossing wires and getting zapped a couple times I figured it out. 

User posted image