If wiring a 4 Pin LED rocker switch by yourself has got all your wires crossed, follow this guide carefully and you’ll have your 4 pin LED switch wired up in no time.

Just remember, whenever you come across a part with unknown connections, the first thing to do is look for the datasheet! If you still don’t understand the pinout from the datasheet, then by all means post a question about it and we will assist with the wiring of our Rocker Switches.

How to wire a 4 pin LED switch

Wiring a rocker switch depends on the type you plan on using, so your wiring will depend on the amount of pins your rocker switch has. 4 Pin LED switch wiring shouldn’t cause any headaches if you follow the right diagram. If you want to know how to wire a 4 pin LED switch, following instructions tailored for a 3 pin one is going to leave you with a lot of loose ends and a cluster of headaches. To avoid all that and make things much simpler, check out our helpful diagram.
4 Pin LED switch wiring diagram:

4 Pin LED switch wiring diagram:

At Oznium, we have two Rocker Switches, which have the relevant technical information included:



Oznium Round Rocker Switch Wiring

Round rocker switch wiring:

If the switch with the above wiring doesn’t work, you can try the alternative switch wiring diagram below:

LED Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram 2
on/off Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram

Round Rocker Switch Technical Info

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