Wondering about Tennessee neon underglow laws?

Underglow lights are legal in Tennessee provided that you stick within the few restrictions placed on them.

  1. Flashing lights are prohibited.
  2. Red and blue flashing lights are usually reserved for emergency vehicles, rather be safe and don’t ever install blue or red lights on your car even if they’re stationary and not flashing.
  3. Do not use combinations of white, amber or red lights in the front of your vehicle.

Extra Information


I have yet to find a color in TN that is illegal. I have mine set to red 90% of the time. Jdusty sets his on blue 90% of the time. jDusty and I have tried pretty much every color you can and neither one of us of had any trouble with the law concerning the UB. Heck, not that I have the V2, I will ride with teh multi color on and haven’t had any trouble.

Also, if you notice the stick at the top of this part of the forum, jDusty has a link to lighting laws. According to TN law and experiences jdusty has had, red/blue are not illegal unless flashing.

Where you happen to be at in east TN?


They are really strict about red and blue around here, flashing or not. I got pulled over again last night for the second time for my blue LED’s above the license tag.. of course it all depends on the officer. Some are out to get you and others don’t really care.

The reason they are so strict is because about a month or two ago someone was pulled over by what they thought was a police officer, but it happened to be someone with blue lights in there car so they pulled a gun on this lady on the side of the road and raped her… I live in Johnson City about an hour from Knoxville.

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