Whether you’re installing on your emergency vehicle or simply want to add a party edge to your vehicle, a 12v flasher is certainly a good starting point.

So, you should consider a 12v remote control dimmer & strobe switch, of which the general specs include:

  • 12VDC Voltage
  • You can power up to 2 Amps (that’s a lot of LEDs!)
  • 30 meters or 95 feet remote distance
  • Battery size: 27a

Not only is it perfect to add to your motor vehicle ‘flashing’ needs, but you can also install it in your home – and your wiring method will be:

  • Red wire: 12VDC + Input
  • Black wire: 12VDC – Ground (in)
  • 2 conductor jacket wire: Connect to LEDs
  • White wire: Antenna (leave disconnected)

Extra Information


So I learned so far that I need a good flasher unit like a Buss 2-Pin flasher from an automotive store. In order to make a light flash with this flasher, do I also need a 5-Pin relay or is that just an added option?


Phil Wrote:
This one would work: https://www.oznium.com/switches/12v-remote-dimmer-strobe-switch

Yup, that looks pretty darn cool and hopefully easy to set up lol. I think I’m gonna have to order one. Y’all should keep one on “layaway” for me cuz I don’t get paid until friday (8/14/09) and it says on the product page to “snatch a few before we sell out” and with my luck you’ll sell out by the time I get around to buying it…lol

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