Our versatile Waterproof LED Spot Light provides a vast array of applications for almost any home, business, or architectural purpose. Tired of constantly changing burnt out halogen lamps?

Are you tired of keeping the air conditioning on full blast just to balance out the heat output from your halogen spotlights?

Eliminate the wasted energy of additional cooling costs, the wasted time of constantly swapping inefficient halogen or sodium halide bulbs. Switch to FlowLighting’s ultra efficient, high intensity LED spotlight.

This little dome unit packs an incredible punch, with a precision cut-off for flawless illumination, and lasts over 50,000+ hours! No more swapping bulbs every six months in hard to reach places. With an energy footprint of just one watt you can forget about high energy bills, not only due to the saved energy from your spotlights, but energy saved from not having to pump up the air conditioning to balance out the heat from halogen spotlights / sodium halide ballasts.

Oznium’s extremely energy efficient LED spotlights utilize only 1 watt. That’s less than 2% the energy a normal halogen spotlight uses! You could replace one 60 watt spotlight with 60 of our spotlights, with a lot more light output, and the same energy footprint! Due to the specially designed aluminum housing the LED sits in, heat dissipation isn’t a problem, you could keep this spotlight on 24/7, and spend less than $3.00 per year powering it. This product is the epitome of efficiency, all packed into a tiny dome.

This ultra-powered spotlight can be used for an incredible variety of lighting tasks in your home or business, including: art lighting, fountain lighting, garden spotlighting, track lighting, or whatever you can imagine. Since they’re waterproof you can use them outside, regardless of weather. Each unit also includes two screw holes for seamless mounting, almost anywhere.

This product is fully waterproof. Once you secure your wires, it can even be fully submerged for years of underwater brilliance. And your options are endless, because this spiffy LED dome module is available in seven eye-catching vibrant colors: neutral white (6000k)warm white (3000k), red, green, blueamber, or UV Blacklight.