Author: Phil Suslow

1W LED Spotlight

Our versatile Waterproof LED Spot Light provides a vast array of applications for almost any home, business, or architectural purpose. Tired of constantly changing burnt out halogen lamps? Are you tired of keeping the air conditioning on full blast just to balance out the heat output from your halogen spotlights? Eliminate the wasted energy of […]

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Prewired LEDs

Recently we’ve been getting questions about which pre-wired LED is best.  Here’s a quick video to help you compare the three types of pre-wired LEDs we offer. Each LED is great for different applications. Whichever product you pick, LEDs are never the wrong answer. The products in the video are available here: Pre-wired LEDs, Pre-wired Superflux LEDs, Pre-wired […]

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Reeses Puff LED Lighting TV Commercial

One of our customers was a contractor for Reese’s Puff, and wanted to use our products in a commercial. He used these products: High Intensity LED Flood Lights (Silver Aluminum, 1W Amber) Flexible LED Strips High Intensity LED Flood Lights These were used externally at the top of the windshield for a flashy accent lighting […]

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