The fuses main job is to protect the wiring, so to ensure that the load and wires are adequately protected, you need to get a fuse that is the right size and not too large. Nobody wants to deal with a big mess of wires everywhere, an exposed fuse box, and panelling that’s burnt through! It’s ugly, it’s messy, it’s unnecessary, so do the right thing and protect your wires with the right size fuse.

Q&A on ATC Fuse for LEDs & Automotive wiring

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2010 Chevy Malibu. long story short, a buddy got a speaker / 4 channel amp system and he wanted me to try to tune it w.e. This is at about 7:30 pm. Listening to it, sounds good, then I smell something burning. He informs me his taillights there is something wrong where he keeps blowing a 10A fuse for his illumination lights (that include turn signals, parking lights, and all in-cabin lighting. So he was told to put a 25 in there and they would all work… they did but…. Here is what happened. (All on passenger side)

Now is wasn’t so much on him, there had to have been SOMETHING wrong with the stock wiring because within 3 hours of driving these wires went from fully shielded to melted down, stuck together grounding out!? I can see it happening over a few days, but now a few hours. I will say this Malibu is set is really stupid when it comes to ground. Instead of running ground from the Passenger door going up around the kick panel into the lower center council (where there are 3 grounds located aprx. 2 feet of wire, they ran it all the way down the side of the car, up the back seat into another ground that looks stupid as hell when a panel is taken off.
Anyways, it took the owner of the car, myself and another buddy 7 hours to re-wire the entire thing going into the door as well… fun, but a little hard, and extremely tedious work get it all done. One wire at a time, not rushing… Well, i’m off to work now and be on later. Have a good day all!

Few more pics were taken, just don’t have them.

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