Want to install one of these Toggle Switches?

A toggle switch is an electrical component that controls the flow of electricity through a circuit by means of a mechanical lever that is manually controlled. There’s several varieties of toggle switches, but basically, they’re essentially on-off switches for whatever circuit they’re wired to.

Usually, toggle switches are installed in devices that lack a pre-existing means for regulating an add-on’s operation.  Eg. someone might install a toggle switch in their vehicle to operate a motor vehicle’s interior LED light system or for their AMP.

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You can cut the remote AMP turn on wire, not the main power wire. Then connect each half of the cut remote wire to each of the 2 connections on a toggle switch. Regardless of where the amp is getting it’s remote turn on voltage, this will allow you to turn the amp off while still playing the radio.

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Ideally and in most all applications I have ever heard of you put a switch (2 prong) inline with the remote turn on wire (normally blue).
In the OFF position there is no signal to tell the amp to turn on.
In the ON position the signal travels down the wire normally as if there was no switch.
The amperage/wattage of your amp does not effect what kind of switch you need. As bad venge said, there isn’t much current going thru the remote turn on wire.


Most times (if wired right) the amp will turn on with the HU and shut off with the HU. If you hook the blue wire for the amp to constant power, the amp will be on all the time– instead hook the blue wire to the back of the HU labeled remote.

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