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With Oznium, all sales are NOT final. We want you as a customer for life, and we want you to be ultimately happy.

A customer bought our Marine LED Navigation Lights on Amazon

(also available at Oznium.com here: Oznium LED Nav Lights).

Silver Marine Nav light flush mountBlack marine nav light


Customer review: “Excellent lights but no discount per quantities offered. Too expensive”

marine nav light 4-star review

As you can see above, I replied to their review directly, but they likely won’t see my response.

In addition, I emailed them through Amazon buyer-seller messaging, but for some reason they weren’t getting my email.

Finally, about 1 week later on October 9th, 2017 I decided to send them a physical letter in the mail, thanking them for their feedback, and informing them that we’ve applied a 30% retroactive refund to their order.

Snail mail letter

Physical letter to Sardine Marine


Customer response about the Marine Nav Lights

After about 10 days, I received a nice email from Mel at Sardine Marine


Here’s their video intro. They are building great quality small boats in South Florida.

red green led navigation lightssmall boat with led marine nav light