Having an exhaust cutout is not illegal in most parts of the U.S. However, using it on a public road might get you a ticket. Anything you install on your vehicle that causes excessive or unusual noises that could be a disturbance to others will probably not be tolerated that well by the authorities. So whether you have a manual or electric exhaust cutout, stay out of trouble and stick to the strip.


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Post Sun Aug 01, 2004 4:14 pm

Say if you are driving down the road with a cutout and you have it open while going down the road. You get pulled over by a cop for a noise violation, but as you are being pulled over you close the cutout. Does this mean you can get of the ticket?

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If you committed a crime, you committed a crime, you can get the ticket.

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If I turn my underbody kit on, and I get pulled over, but I turn it off when the cop walks up to my car…I’m ****, almost the same situation.

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like if you had one of the electronicly controlled cut outs?

you might be able to get off if you know your legal stuff. But I doubt it.


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how loud is the damn thing in the first place to get pulled over? they could give to **** bout exhaust here unless you see sparks and hear the **** draggin all the way down the darn road..lol

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To make it short and sweet, come to Texas and you will get a ticket for it. Seeing that its required to pass all emissions tests and not having the exhaust hooked up correctly would be againset the law. So if you have cut-offs in Texas then its illegal wether you managed to pass the emissions or not. And then the emission testing facility that passed you will be put under investigation and possibly loose there license for allowing you to pass with the cut-offs installed.

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I’m pretty sure that having cut outs is not illegal. Its just using them on the road.

it doesn’t seem logical to ban cut outs, especially since a lot of people use them on the strip.


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Hey cerwin… my g/f brother got pulled over for drag racing, but also he has some pipes on and they got him for modified exhaust…. I didn’t think it was illegal to have pipes, but he got a ticket, so cutouts might be illegal also.

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well in wisconsin they can.. the Adopting State Statue No. is 347-9(15) its is “Muffler Or Exhaust Cutout” it is a $102.00 citation with no points. Ive gotten 3 so far.. but i had 2 dropped down to $52.60 and i go to court again this wed for the last one..

oh yea.. anything that is not stock or OEM equipment replacement and makes your exhaust louder than stock is ILLEGAL.


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in Texas, your muffler just has to be under a certain decibal for it to be legal. Most cops around my area dont care about exhaust unless its just insanely loud! I had a pretty loud muffler on my old car and i was given a verbal warning for it. I had the car just shy of 2 years! (paid off, then wrecked) and I’ve been had 10 tickets (4 speeding, 2 insurance, 2 registration tickets, 1 liscense plate lights ticket (car is in junk yard, couldnt get evidence showing i fixed it)

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^damn integras get pulled A LOT. im suprised i only got pulled once

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if you’re talking about the electrically controlled exhaust then you’re gunna get a ticket…if he sees that you’ve got a cutout installed at all, you’re screwed. the point of them is that when the exhaust is goin through the muffler it isn’t loud enough to attract official attention…but at the track you can run wide open