While there are no specific laws prohibiting neon lights in Alabama, there are a few restrictions you should heed to prevent yourself from being hassled too much by the authorities:

It’s not enough just knowing how to wire led lights but you’ll also need to think about the “where”.

If you want your LEDs to turn on when you use your parking lights then wiring LEDs into parking lights would probably be the first solution to pop to mind, but it’s not the best one.

It’s recommended to instead tap the wire that feeds the dimmer switch of your car. Just make sure that it’s a 12 volt source. Fuse it and use to power one leg of the switch, repeat with the other leg.

Remember to use a switched source so that you don’t leave it on accidentally, and use pre-wired LEDs, they’ll make your project so much easier!

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Extra Information

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I’d tap the wire feeding the dimmer switch, use that to power them verify that there is 12 volts there.
I’d fuse it there Use that to power one leg of the switch I’d use a switched source to prevent accidentally leaving them on also fused to power the other leg of the switchAs for the leds I’d drill them into the sides I used silicone to secure

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