If you have the scenario where you have a single led strip lighting up your parking lights as well as your brake light, you might find that they burn at the same brightness. But you want your parking light to be dimmer than your brake lights, so to fix this problem with your led tail lights, what you could do is use a voltage regulator.

  • Supply the power separately to the brake and parking lights.
  • Lower the voltage to your parking lights to 9 volts.
  • You can still supply the brake lights with the full 12 volts.

This setup could work on your led trailer tail lights and also your led motorcycle tail lights.

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Extra Information


Ok. As most of you know I made my custom led tail lights. I am working on wiring them up right now. But I have run into a problem. The stock set up uses a dual filament bulb. 1 filament for parking lights and 1 filament for brake lights. I made my tail lights so that the red led strips are used for both the parking and the brake lights. My problem is that both the parking lights and the brake lights have the same volt output. So I don’t have a dimmer parking light than I do a brake light. I am assuming I am going to need a resistor to cut down the volts of the parking light so the leds are dimmer than the brake lights. But what size resistor?

I know oznium sells that dimmer switch but I don’t want to spend 20 bucks when I could hopefully buy a 1 dollar resistor and have it done.

So I reach out to you knowledge of the oz world.

Phil from Oznium

I don’t think a half watt is good. It would need to be much bigger wattage to dissipate the power / heat safely. It might work for a bit, but doesn’t seem too reliable.


Do explain. The leds in the tails are drawing so little power. My volt meter says the car puts out like 13 volts to the brake wire when on the brakes. So that is normal. What would you reccomend.

Phil from Oznium

We use a 1/4w resistor when hooking up to a 20 mA LED.
And a 2w resistor when hooking up to a 80mA LED
I’m not sure exactly how many mA your LEDs are drawing, maybe 200mA, so I’d think to be safe you’d need a bigger amperage resistor.
Waiting for someone with more knowledge to chime in.

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