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Having Trouble Installing HID's On A 2001 Dodge Ram


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Post Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:05 pm

I finally broke down and ordered an HID kit i drive upstate NY and i was totally displeased with the lack of light my truck has. so i recieved them 2 days ago and installed them and the HIDS themselves work but its given me some complications.

1. i have verfied that the harness is plugged into my lowbeam even so on the dashboard with my Lights on it is saying my high beams are on.

2. i can only use my foglights when my hids arent on.

3. when i turn my high beams on not that i would prefer them over the hids but it makes the hids very erratic they flicker alot to the point were they finally shutoff.

i contacted the manufacturer and they were very quick in answering so he says i need 2 relays which he has shipped to me but i have not recieved yet. i spoke to the tech department and hes saying that i am to install these 2 relays and i am to use the parking light trigger wire as the trigger to my hids. the problem i have with this is when i remote start my truck my parking lights flash and they will be turning the hids on and off and i would find that really annoying to have my headlights flashing all the time. im also worried about the fact as that it might diminish the life of my hids.

does anyone have any better solutions or advice for me and if i install these relays will that fix my low beam high beam and foglight issue?????
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Post Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:51 pm

Are you using moving bulb hid's or fixed single bulb lows or fixed hid bulb low and halogen bulb high? 9007 bulbs?
If you're using moving bulb hid's you'll need to re-pin the headlight plug since most kits i've gotten for 9007's are pinned for 9003's which are pinned differently thus you're having issues. Most of the kits use Blue, White and Black for colors. Black is ground, while blue I wanna say is low beams and white is highs (I could have that backwards) so you'll need to use a test light or a volt meter and find out which is your low beam, ground and high beam.
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