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mntndewboy69's auto history (56k NO)


Joined: Oct 23 2008
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Location: Camp Hill, PA

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Post Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:16 pm

Here's a little idea I think might be pretty neat for some of us here to do. Get together all the photo's you can of all the cars you've ever owned and post them here in a timeline manner. For those of you here that like to purchase and sell massive amounts of cars this may be difficult, so you can just stick to the cars that you really held on to and actually used. Project S10's that sat half gutted and never ran in garages or those 94 CRX's that blew a head gasket you first week you owned it and never drove since don't have to count if you don't want them too, lol.


My first car was a 1996 Saturn SL1. Yes it was purple, my mom gave it to me when I turned 16. This is the only photo I have.

One week after I had this car I managed to roll it down a hill a few times. Bent frame, crushed windows, etc. So it was off to the scrapyard for her and on to my next car.

My second car was a 1998 Saturn SC2. I picked out a set of 17" Proline (IIRC) wheels for her and an AEM CAI. This is also the only photo I have left of her.

I held on to her for about a year or so, the first week I bought her a rod bent in the tranny so I had to have it replaced. A few months later I was at a party with my friends and one thing let to the next and we were out in our cars **** around, I ended up blowing a baseball sized hole through the bottom of my tranny and spray tranny oil and my 1-3 gears all over the road. So I put a third tranny in her and while I was at my Saturn Dealership getting the work done I spotted a VUE in the used lot and a sticker in the window saying "MUST SEE". So two hours later I waas trading in my SC2 (worth $700) for my third car.

My third car was a 2003 Saturn Vue AWD V6. Not in this photograph, but I had a 1200 watt Sony Xplode amp, two 12" Sony Xplode subs, a Sony Xplode headunit, and the TYC tail lights on the VUE. This is also the only photograph I have of her, which is shortly after I got her, and before I added all the mods.

Sadly, some things came up in my life that put me out of work and in the hospital for a week and bed rest for six months after that on doctors orders, and I could no longer afford the payments on the Vue and she was reposessed. After I was better and managed to find work again and save up a couple thousand, I bought my friends project car as my fourth car.

My fourth car, was a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder Convertible. This is the only photograph ever taken with my camera phone.

He had just about everything stock on this car removed and replaced with an aftermarket part. Although, many upon many of these "aftermarket" parts were not upkept or even compatible with that particular model car. So things would go wrong on a daily basis. Things needed ripped out, cleaned, fixed, and put back in weekly. Driving down 83 one day my front left rim decides it doesn't want a tire on it anymore and tears it off. So I pull over and it being 6pm on a Saturday night, I can't do anything about it until Monday morning. So I return Sunday afternoon to find the car broken into and stuff stolen from it. I return Monday afternoon to find a Police Cruiser confiscating my tags. So I return Tuesday afternoon with a trailer and tow the thing back home and sell it to my Army Recruiter for $500. Which leads me to my fifth car.

My fifth car, which you guys all have probably seen before, was my 1999 Saturn SL2. After the whole Mitsubishi thing I was so glad to be back with Saturn where I belonged, and vowed to NEVER buy anything but Saturn again. Even though I had before after my first car, the Eclipse was a fluke.

I was going through a phase when I bought this car where I thought the whole modding thing was a bit childish for me and not neccessary to I kept it to a minimum with this car. The only thing I did after buying it was through in new speakers all around for a better sound, I kept the stock radio in. A month or so later was when I saw ShadowBox on our very own Oznium Forums selling a set of wheels he had on his Scion. They would have fit on the Saturn, soo, I bought them.

Two weeks before Christmas Day 2009 I take off the wheels and throw the stocks back on for better traction in the snow. Fortunate for me. Christmas Day 2009 my mom is driving the car and hits a patch of ice and plays chicken with the trees. She lost.

By this time I was working as a Sales Consultant at the Saturn Dealership in Mentor, OH and one day I take a couple out who wanted to see a car on the lot and go with them on a test drive. We return to the lot and they walk away, apparently the wife could sense that the previous owner was a smoker. I was in love. That night I was driving home in my new sixth car.

My sixth car, which you ALL know by now, is my 2006 Saturn Vue AWD V6. Here's a picture the day of purchase.

And several thousand dollars and mods later (CarDomain Page) leads me to my current vehicle.

Also in the family is my moms 2007 Saturn SKY. She bought this as her "mid-life crisis" gift to herself. Which is when she gave me her old car, the purple 1996 Saturn SL1. Here's the SKY when she was in her original color, Midnight Blue. Photograph of the Three Evil Sisters.

My mother and I are HUGE Cleveland Browns fans. We were both born an raised in Mentor, OH. Only 10-20 minutes from the Cleveland Browns Stadium. My mom wanted to show her true colors by giving the SKY a facelift.

She had her painted a 2 tone, metallic orange and brown, Browns colors. The SKY has been in m possession for about a year now, and will be until about June of this year when my mom returns from Iraq.

And that's it, that's the past five years of my life and all the cars that have joined me. Hope you guys have some pictures to share, too. I'd hate to be the only one that does this, lol.

Joined: Jul 22 2007
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Location: Florence, Oregon

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Post Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:45 pm

!990 Ranger

2001 S10 (when it wasnt lowered or bagged)

User posted image
The Other s10 I bought and sold
User posted image
2005 Mustang GT

Joined: Mar 09 2005
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Location: Oak Harbor, WA

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Post Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:08 pm

First Ride... 1968 Bug

2004 Scion xB RS1.0 (#678 of 2100)

xB closely followed by '88 Jeep XJ, owned simultaneously with the xB. Always took a while to re-acclimate when switching between the two, kind of polar opposites. Except both were slow as balls...

Left for bootcamp, Jeep got donated to Purple Heart (actually saw someone driving it around Houston the last time I was home on leave. Was good to see the ol'girl still kicking). xB got stripped back to stock and it's now my sisters rig for college.
After boot, A-and C-school I picked up my '94 Jeep XJ. Got it bonestock and it's slowly been slowly modified over the years. Waaaay too many thousands of dollars over three years...sigh.
day of purchase

baby lift, trimmed, tires...

more lift, engine work, some loving bodywork by nature and a passat that got in the way

current setup, MORE lift, long-arms, 8.8 rearend, blah-dee-blah

Joined: Oct 09 2008
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Location: St Louis Missouri

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Post Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:39 pm

GF loves saturns too, she had a 98 SC2 DOHC and she drove it 280,xxx miles before I upgraded her to a four door (2 door with carseat - not fun). We were gonna get a new Aura but since Saturn went under I dont think thats gonna happen now. Sine you work at a Saturn dealer you getting laid off or are they moving you to another GM dealer?

1st- 85 Z28 Camaro (SOLD).. Had it for almost 4 years, after about 9,000 spent to fix the car over those 4 years I decided to get rid of it when I got my Dodge since it was at least reliable.

2nd- 2006 CBR600RR

3rd- 96 Internationl Tow Truck (SOLD) (Not my daily but I did own it and spent alot of time in it.)
User posted image

4th- 00 Dodge Ram 1500
When I got it (only thing I did was Tint Windows At this point)
User posted image

Present Day
User posted image

5th- 99 Explorer Sport (SOLD)2dr
User posted image

6th- 96 Lowered S-10 (SOLD) Hated this piece so much I cant even find a picture of it on my computer, think my external has one but dont feel like getting it.

7th- 98 Intrepid ES
User posted image

Joined: Oct 23 2008
Posts: 966
Location: Camp Hill, PA

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Post Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:13 pm

I had left Saturn when I moved back to PA before the news of going under was out.

Joined: Dec 13 2004
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Post Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:15 pm

1996 V6 Green Mustang

2002 V6 Mustang

2005 F150 FX4 5.4L


Joined: May 02 2005
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Post Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:28 pm

1994 Plymouth Acclaim. I put a indash tv, tons and tons of glow, and a **** sound system in it. Also put racing stripes on it haha. I wish I still had pics/vids of it. But I don't. But a google pic. Sold it for 500 bucks haha.
User posted image

My neon. (currently own)
User posted image
User posted image

My 94 BMW (currently own)
User posted image
User posted image

My 94 Honda CBR600 (currently own)
User posted image
User posted image

A shot of all of mine and dreas cars. This pic was taken before i painted my bike.
User posted image
User posted image

Joined: Jul 23 2009
Posts: 538

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Post Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:36 am

The 'olla'. My Grandma lent me this car while I saved up money for my first car, a 1996 blue plymoth neon. No pics, but I saved every dime I made for an entire summer while working at a vet hospital. Driving that neon home felt like I was on top of the world. The green neon in the back ground of this pic was my 2nd neon. Looking back, I'm not sure why I like neons so much, now I can't stand the idea of driving one.

1984 toyota Carolla, RWD and maybe 70hp. This car was slow as ****, but in the rain or with some oil on the tires I could smoke up the entire block with a burnout.

MY 3rd car was a car I bought from my EX's mother, and is the one car I wish I still had. Such a nice car, and I sold it just cause I didn't need it.

I probably had over 30 different sub/amp setups in this car. Wow , these pics take me back a few years.
1992 Honda Accord


My biggest mistake ever!! When I was 19, I was approved for a loan of 22k. I went straight to the stealership and signed my life away. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed the **** out of this car.
2005 dodge SRT-4

Had the SRT for a little over a year. The 3rd gear synchro was obliterated twice. Dodge refused to fix it. The part was only like $60. But there were no aftermarket vendors building these things. And since it turns out that this was a common problem for these cars to have, OEM ones were on back order for months. After my car sat for about a month and a half, and I was still paying about $600/mo for insurance and car payment. I really got to take an outside of the box look at paying that much for a vehicle. So as soon as I fixed it, I traded it in for the cheapest/newest truck I could find.
2006 Ford F-150
User posted image
User posted image

Now 4 yearsd after unknowingly submerging myself in debt, I've sold the truck, paid off the upside downess that comes with a brand new car (especially after making a trade-in while still owing on a vehicle). I've accepted the fact that until I make a **** of money, car payments are **** retarded.

I hit up Craigslist, and paid 2k for this.
1996 Ford Bronco
User posted image

Joined: Apr 26 2009
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Location: florence, OREGON

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Post Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:17 pm

1991 honda accord *RIP. this was my fist car. my dad gave it to me stock and i put a little mony into it. nothing to fancy but i loved it.. sad day to see it go away. i hit a curb and a gaurdrail doing about 50. i was drunk *DONT DRINK AND DRIVE EVER!!!!!!!! the damage doesnt look that bad but the frame was bent hella bad. and it was gonna cost to much to fix it so i scraped it.

and my new car `1993 Honda accord ive had this this for almost 2 years now. got it and it was a 100% peice of ****!!! and i slowly brought it back to life. its goin good so far. stilla few more things to do to it and then maybe move on to a light truck or SUV.


Joined: Feb 05 2010
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Post Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:53 pm

no doubt about it your a saturn familiy

Joined: May 28 2007
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Post Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:48 pm

1st donk lol 2001 Hyundai Tiburon aka the blue turd biglaugh.gif

Newest Donk 1991 Nissan 240sx aka the SR
First Day


right now the SR's down with either a snapped rod or a main bearing......just bought new cams too icon_evil.gif

Joined: Jul 23 2009
Posts: 538

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Post Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:37 pm

washing the car while on the cell phone.

"yea he's making me do it again"

Joined: Jan 18 2008
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Post Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:11 pm

i have owned a few car that i have bought and resold (no pics)
1.)1989 honda civic bought at a local police action for 200 parted it out for over 1400 then 100 in scrap
2.)1988 chevy 1500 two wheel drive v8 bought for 250 sold for 600 with bad fuel pump
3.) 1996 chevy caprice 9C1 with LT1 bought for 400 sold for 1800 bucks (over 1200 dollar profit
*all three cars were before i was 16 so never drove any of them*
4.)My 1991 caprice 9C1 bought for 600
stock pics
User posted image
caprice now (still have this car my main vehicle )
User posted image
5.)1980 camaro rally sport (still own this car) paid 4000 dollars
User posted image
6.) 1990 chevy s10 4x4 bought for 400 sold for 700 with a bad clutch
User posted image
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