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million color led installation


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Post Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:17 pm

hi guys i have a 08 hyundai accent 4dr and i dont have fog lights instlaled but is there a fog light fuse i can use for my flexiable led lights and if so how would i connect it to the fuse. i have the million color flexiable strips with a rocker switch i want to install

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Post Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:31 am

I'm not positive or very good with this whole "fuse" thing, I never tapped a fuse for my lights.

You could use a fuse tap, which might be the easiest way.

Or, you could just tap into your headlight wire and then use a relay to power the strips. You would also need to just wire in a switch which isn't that hard. There are several posts here about wiring switches.

I assume you have a three pronged switch. The three prongs are for power in, power out (when switch is on), and ground. The ground is there because some switches light up, I assume yours does.

I spent a few minutes to try to make you a diagram. I am not the best at wiring, lighting, ect but a lot of people have helped me out on here so I feel like it is my obligation to contribute back to the Oznium community. Please do not laugh at my drawing, I'm not that good. And if anyone else who is good at wiring sees this, please don't flame me if it won't work lol. I'm trying to do the best I can to help out.

Hope this helps.

The diagram shows how you would tap into the headlight power wire and use a relay to turn on and off the LED strips. I also included a switch, however the headlights will have to be on in order for the LED strips to come off. Once the headlights are on, you can turn them off with the switch. But if the headlights are off, you can not turn them on with the switch. If you would like that option I can draw up another diagram.
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