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LED tail/brake light in 6 volt automobile system


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Post Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:24 pm

I have a 1937 Buick and I am trying to replace the old incandescent taillight/brake lights with LED bulbs.

The car's electrical system is 6 volt, negative ground. The current incandescent bulbs (bulb 1154) work for both the tail light and the brake light functions. But I would like to have brighter bulbs.

I purchased a 6 volt, 6 LED 5050 optical tower, high power wide angle LED bulb. It is dual lead and fits the old 1154 Bay15d socket perfectly. It is advertised for 6 volt systems and has no polarity bias. It has one 6 watt forward facing LED and five 5050 side facing LEDs (no wattage mentioned).

The tail light function does not work. When I press the brake pedal, the brake light does work.

When I remove the bulb and ground the base, then touch a wire from a 6 volt battery to either terminal, or both terminals on the LED bulb, both tail light and brake light LEDs work just fine. So the LED tower does work.

After removing the LED bulb and replacing the old incandescent 1154 bulb, both tail light and brake lights work. So the circuit wiring does work.

Why won't the LEDs worked when plugged in?

Remember, this is a 1937 car. There are no fuses, computers, circuit boards, or other high tech components. Just wires, switches, and a battery.

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