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LED strip headliner project


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Post Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:06 am

Hello everybody! I am about to start a project that i have been wanting to do for months. I have done quite a bit of research, but have a lot more to go. I havent really found anything on the internet quite like this, so hopefully i can figure it out.

I am hoping replace the fabric on the headliner of my car, and at the same time run rgb led strips up and down the headliner underneath the fabric. I plan on running power straight from the battery(unless i can get enough from the 12v socket??) and i also want to wire the lights subwoofer amp. I plan to use a kit from ebay like this

Here are some diagrams i drew.

I am unsure which would be best, or is there a better way that i am not thinking about?

User posted image
If i can get this one^^ to work i think it would be best. I hope to get all the lights synchronized from front to back. BUT does it need to be one continuous circuit?

User posted image
I would rather not do this^^ because of the excessive wiring and soldering i would have to do. But if i had to i would.

User posted image
With this one i imagine it could be cool with different modes on the remote control, but i imagine it could be completely disorganized aswell...

Here are my questions, and any help is appreciated.

1. is the ebay kit worth it? or should i buy elseware?
2. Will the lights being under the fabric cause any issues?
3. waterproof or not? I would guess the waterproof casing retains more heat.
4. I need to research more on this, but i think i want 5050 lights? unless you think otherwise.
5. could i get away with using the 12v plug? how many strands of lights could i do? what about with the battery?
6. is all the wiring one continuous circuit? or is it all self contained within the strips? (will i need to run wires back into the ir control box)
7. will the wiring to the sub and battery work with the switches and resistors like that? or do you suggest something else?
8. Is there an easier way to connect them rather than soldering? some sort of connector? (keep in mind, the less bulk the better)
9. I think either a resistor, or voltage regulator. I will run 10 volts for longevity, how many amps do i need?
Sorry if these are dumb questions, i know on some other forums i would get grilled for asking silly questions and not using the googles. But this is partially to organize my thoughts on paper(or web..) so that i can keep researching, ans not forget any questions i had.

Any tips, or suggestions? things that i am completely forgetting? I will post pics as time goes on

Thanks everybody!!

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Post Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:48 pm

LEDs behind headliner.......Be sure to test your idea for luminosity and color vibrancy using the replacement fabric before going through the trouble of the installation.

Is it worth it? I don't know. These are cheap products that may or may not last very long...putting questionable quality products in a fairly permanent location ie. BEHIND a headliner may result in frustration when one half of the strand stops working. Just because the actual emitter claims it will last 50,000 hours doesn't mean that the rest of the electronics that maintain the proper voltage will. But then again, I purchased cheap 5mm LEDs from oznium that I used on a similar car project that lasted for about 6 years and still worked just fine when I got rid of the car.

Don't need waterproofing...heat won't be an issue with something like that.

Don't use a cigarette lighter plug. Wire it into your car, fused at the proper amperage.

Yes, you will need to wire to the controller. There is a finite limit of lights per controller...specs are a little confusing, but looks like a 6a max on at least one of those models. You may only be able to plug in one roll of those things to the controller, meaning you would need multiple controllers, which may be sort of tedious.

This is a turn key circuit with resistors in line that just need to be powered with 12vdc. Since your car's electrical output could be upwards of 14v when running, you may need to get someone else on here to answer the question on power. You are already going to lose brightness as a result of using this behind fabric......while they might illuminate at 10v but they will be even dimmer.
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