High Intensity Flush Mount LED Bolt, UL Listed - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can I still use these without the back nut, I have limited access to the back side of these since I'm installing on my kayak?
Yes, you can secure them with silicone if needed.
What's the amp draw on the 6mm lights
18 mA.
I want to buy a 4pcs 11mm 3w Amber and place it on my grill because my grill have exact 11mm holes, then wire them into my DRL, my question is can this survive on Daytime use specially im in Tropical country?
The bolts are completely waterproof. They will be fine in your climate.
Why are the 6mm bolts listed as 1 watt while in the specifications it says they are 18mA @ 12vdc which is actually .21 watts?
The COB chip on a 6mm LED bolt is a 1W chip, means ideally it can be powered up to 1W. We intentionally lower the operating wattage for the 6mm LED bolt to play safe because it can't withstand heat generated at full power unless it is mounted to a big heat sink for heat dissipation.
I need to mount on a radius surface for use as 3rd brake lights on a custom build (2" pipe). Do you have a mounting surface that has a radius or all of then a flat mounting surface?
Please call Customer Service for assistance with this question.
Why a 2 of my 4 cool white led bolts has turned white solid after a month of use, same intensity but pure white?
Please contact Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
How would I wire 3 of these to the parking light? What kind of connectors?
They would need to be wired in parallel. You could use two (2) 5 pins splicing connector pieces and wrap them with electrical tape to keep moisture out: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/quick-wire-splice-connector
What products do you have that can run off of 6-8 Volts. I need car interior lights
Our leds can run at 12v for a car's lighting. 6-8 volts the light would be dimmer or not visible. Any of our lights can be wired directly to your battery or other power source like the fuse box.
I noticed that the spec sheet gives values at exactly 12 volts but a vehicle battery is around 13.8v and can be even higher when running. What is the max operating voltage? I am measuring almost 3 times the current at 13.8v as at 12v.
Our Flush Mount LED Bolts rated for 12v max. We suggest using a voltage stabilizer if you have spikes up to 14v.
What is the current rating for these? I want to wire them to a wall ac to 12Vdc converter.
The bolts use different mA depending on size and color. That information is available here: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/led-bolt#tech
Can I wire directly to 18v battery?
Because these LEDs are designed to be powered by a 12 volt source, if you power them from an 18 volt source, they will light up, but their lifespan will be severely diminished. If you need a large quantity of LEDs, we can always make a custom version for you that works with 18 volts. Or if you just need a few, you could use resistors.
Can I power these with 24 volts? - by Tony
They are designed to be powered by a 12 volt DC source.

To power them with a 24 volt DC source, you could wire two together in series.

Or if you need at least a few hundred pieces, we can custom make them for you to handle a custom voltage.
What is the wavelength & color temperature? - by Justin (South Dakota)
Cool White: 9000K+
Neutral White: 6000-6500K
Warm White: 3000-3200K
Red: 625nm
Green: 525nm
Blue: 470nm
Amber: 595nm
UV: 410nm

You can find more details on the Technical Info tab on the product page.

If you need a custom wavelength or color temperature, and are able to order at least a few hundred pieces, please get in touch with us.
What is the forward voltage of these LEDs? What is the ohm value of the internal resistor? I would like to build a circuit to adapt these to run off a 24V DC power supply. Thanks - by Anthony (United States)
Cool white forward voltage = 2 x 0.5W chips in *series*. Forward voltage is around 6.4V (~ 3.2V each). Resistor is 470 ohm.
Is the 3W version available in different colors as well? I know they are only in stainless.
We've been experimenting with a unique process to colorize the stainless steel housing in all sorts of exotic colors: red, blue, green, gold, and of course black.
The process is not cheap, and could easily add about $4 to $6 per unit.
As of now, we haven't decided to add it as a regular product, but are happy to custom build them if you can order at least a few hundred pieces.
Alternatively, if you can order at least a few hundred pieces, we could use the brighter 3W LED in a black aluminum housing.
I have your 11mm stainless LEDs. I would like to mount via a tapped threaded hole as I can't get to the back side of my project. I know they are M11, but can you tell me if they are M11x1, M11x1.25, M11x1.50 or M11x2.0? - by Jerad (San Diego, CA)
M11 x 1.0.
Can they be purchased with a plastic housing? - by Frank
Currently you can choose between an aluminum or stainless steel housing.

If you need 100 or more we could make them in a plastic housing, but we'd likely have to decrease the brightness because plastic won't be able to handle the heat dissipation as well as metal.
Are these dimmable ?
I plan on using these as accent lighting in my soon to be child's nursary .. I hand painted a large tree on the wall and also built a few birdhouses . I would love to place these inside three different birdhouses on the wall and use them as night lights .
I have a dimmable LED decora switch that I purchased at Home Depot . I also have the LED dimmable transformer that has an output of 12v ..
Will it work or do need to purchase other resistors or something? - by Joe (Lindehurst New York)
They are dimmable but the dimmer needs to work with DC not AC. We have this wall dimmer which is a dimmer: https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/wall-mount-remote-dimmer
Does wire length affect the brightness? Should try I run the same amount of wire to each light?
I want to light the decks of my small bass boat with 2 LEDs in front and 2 LEDs in the back.
Theoretically the wire length will have an effect on brightness, but the human eye can't really detect any difference unless the length difference is 50 to 100 feet.
Don't worry! With even 10 or 20 feet, there won't be any significant brightness change.
I plan on using the 6mm warm white for some accent lighting in my truck console. They may be a little to bright, what resistors do you recommend using? Even though I plan on wiring these into the interior dash and console lights that are connected to the dimmer switch they may still be to bright. - by Mike
You can start with a 560 1/2 watt resistor and go up from there.
I love the look of these lights. I was planning on using them in a craft project. What kind of portable power source would be recommended for lighting these?
We sell a battery pack that will light these: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-rechargeable-ni-mh-battery

Or a larger battery could be used like a marine or car battery.
I have 4 of these, and 4 of the Pre-Wired Surface Mount 12V LED : 5050 SMD. I want to wire them all to a dimmer switch. So its 12V -> Dimmer -> LED's
Since they draw different currents, can I still wire them all together in a parallel circuit?
I'd like to wire one of these to a Raspberry Pi which has a 3.3v output from the GPIO pins. Is there an internal resistor in this product that can be removed so full brightness can be achieved with an input of less than 12v? - by Paul
Yes, but it might be hard to get to. You might be interested in this which can operate at lower voltages: https://www.oznium.com/loose-component-leds/led
I want to wire 10 of these together for low level lighting. I am using a 12vdc power supply but can only get the first 2/3 (very dim) working. Is this because I am connecting in series and it has to be in parallel? - by Grant (West Drayton, United)
They will be at full brightness if you wire them in parallel, thus giving 12v to each.
If you wire them in series, then the voltage to each will be the power supply voltage divided by the number in series. In your case thats 12v/10 = 1.2v which is not nearly enough to light them up properly.
Since you don't want them at full brightness, you can instead try wiring 2 or 5 in series.
Or if thats not giving you a desired brightness level, just wire them all in parallel and use an LED dimmer.
How do the 11mm cool white with lens compare to the led side view bolts in terms of brightness? More, less or the same?

If brighter, can you recommend another similar product ? I'm looking to make ambient lighting for my front porch that is dim but bright enough to see the keyhole on the door knob - by Alex
They are the same brightness. They would work well for your application.
I notice in the pictures some have a yellow face and others have a white face. What determines the face color? I'm looking to use these as a drl for my car but prefer the white look. I'm looking for the 11mm or 16mm cool white in color option. - by Alex (USA)
Led color sometimes makes the face of the led appear white or yellow. If you order cool white you will get a cool white color.
should I use inline fuse when wiring 4 11mm bolt LED's or just wire them directly to 12v source? - by Ken (United States)
If wiring to your car battery definitely, most applications it is a good idea to protect the leds.
Could I use these as turn signal remiders wired into the existing turnsignal wiring on my VTX 1300r motorcycle? I was thinking of mounting these on my windshield just below eye level to remind me to turn off the signal after turning. Would i need anything else ( inline fuse and such) . FYI I saw this on a youtube video using your led flexible strips. - by Joe (Palmyra, Indiana)
Yes, you're certainly welcome to use these as an indicator/reminder light. Doubt you'll need a fuse.
If I am connecting 3 11mm Blue bolts in parallel to a 12v source, do I need a resistor? - by Tom
No, resistor is already wired in.
Can I dim these LEDs?
Yes, our LED bolts can be dimmed.

Here's a few LED dimmers which will work:
Mini LED Dimmer Knob
Inline LED Controller
LED Dimmer Knob
Can I use these LED bolts as turn signal/marker lights on my car/truck/motorcycle?
Yes, many customers use our Flush Mount LED Bolts as turn signals, running lights, and brake lights.

Be sure to check out our Bi-color Flush Mount LED Bolt (Amber / White).

We offer a Dual Intensity Brake Light Driver and a Switchback LED Driver for turn signal applications.
How about plain American measurements in Inches, thank you.
Also, maybe add 6mm to tech
Approx how much of the Back end can be cut off with no damage to light. - by Larry (Deltona, Fla.)
6mm, 11mm, or 16mm (0.23", 0.43", or 0.63")

You'll also see the inches shown on the technical info PDF drawings in [brackets] next to the mm.
FYI, if there's any measurement you want to quickly convert, simply type it into Google, and they will convert it for you. For example you can search, "10mm to inches".

Don't suggest you cut the back of the bolt at all. There's only a small amount of room before the resistor.
Would several of these mounted on the front of a golf cart be bright enough in the dark to see where you are going? Would they work on 16 volts? - by Gene (Burlington, Washingt)
They can work on 16 volts, but they wouldn't last quite as long.
Its subjective to say whether they'd be bright enough to see where you're going. If you're expecting them to be as bright as a headlight, then certainly, no.
But they will light up the path for a bit.
How about using a few of these 10W Modular & Stackable Cree LED Work Lights instead?
Can I wire 4 LED bolts in parallel to my side marker lights without using a relay?
Yes, because the current draw is so small, you won't need a relay.
Does it come in pairs or a single piece? - by Shishir (India)
Sold as single units.
Can I submerge them under water? What is the waterproof rating?
The housing is fully waterproof, with an IP68 rating, so you can submerge them under water.
What do I need to wire these into my house on a 120v switch?
I want to use 12 of the 16mm (Cool White) for daytime running lights mounted under the front bumper lower grill. Do you recommend "No Lens" or "With Lens"?
With Lens will probably look a bit better for your application.
If mounted in a deck floor, should I be concerned that the lens or housing would break from foot traffic? I want to avoid counter sinking. - by Diego (monteal)
They will be durable enough to withstand foot traffic. While counter sinking them into a deck will give you the cleanest look, it will still be fine if you don't counter sink them.
For deck applications, we suggest the "No Lens" version.
If I were to wire two of these (16mm warm white) in series, with a supply voltage of approx. 14V, would I require a resistor? If so, how many ohms? - by Mike
If you wire 2 in series on a 14v source, the voltage would be halfed to 7v each.
You wouldn't need any resistor at all. The brightness would obviously go down.
Since these are 12v, can I tap an existing bulb in my interior? I want to use them as cupholder lights and want to tap the shifter indicator light so that the flush mounts only come on when the lights are on. PLan is to wire 3 flush mounts.
Yes, go for it!
Any plans to make these in RGB? - by Tony (Cool Ridge, WV)
We'd love to, but it will require quite a bit of redesign, and not sure yet when we will have the RGB ready.
How many do you need? If you need a few hundred, we'll push the plans faster.
If I buy the one with the lens can I remove the lens? - by Freddie (Cool Ridge, WV)
The lens is simply glued on. You're welcome to remove it.
Should I wire multiple lights in parallel or series? - by Fred (Vacaville ca)
Assuming your power source is 12V, you should wire them in parallel.

Here's a parallel vs series diagram.
Are the LED Bolt lights 12volt and can they be wired directly to a battery? - by Stanley (thunder bay ontario)
YES, they are 12 volt, and they can of course be wire directly to any 12 v battery, 12 v power source, etc.
What gauge wire does this come pre-wired with? - by Dennis
What is the mounting depth? - by Dennis
Please see the technical drawings which show all the dimensions on the "Technical Info" tab.

For the 11mm, the mounting depth is 18 mm (about 0.70 inches).
For the 16mm, the mounting depth is 22 mm (about 0.86 inches).
I'm planning to buy in bulk. How can I get a quantity discount?
There's a link at the bottom of every page that says "Wholesale Pricing".
Click that, then click the "activate wholesale pricing" button. Or simply view the wholesale price list.
Are these units only waterproof if I purchase them 'with' the lens?
ALL of these are waterproof, both with, and without lens.
What are the exact dimensions?
Please see these technical drawings (PDF):

11mm with lens
11mm without lens

16mm with lens
16mm without lens