Net 30, credit terms, purchase orders, etc

From time to time we receive requests to extend credit to our customers.

Oznium's policy regarding the extension of credit, or offering "payment terms" is to simply not do so.
Payment must be made in full up-front. We accept all major credit cards, plus wire transfers for larger orders.

Why we operate strictly on cash terms?

We believe it's best to focus on our strengths, so we leave the evaluation of credit-worthiness to the bankers. Especially as an online company, we are at a disadvantage in the collection process.

We rarely get to meet our customers or see their operations, and quite frankly we don't know a thing about the money-lending business. Inevitably, if we offered terms, some percentage of these debts would be uncollectible or steeply discounted. Yet all would increase our bookkeeping costs and distract us from our primary business. Best case scenario would be delayed cash-flow which in turn would impede our goal of keeping ample inventory. Worst case would be debilitating losses.

The business landscape is littered with companies who failed for no other reason than poor cash-flow. Oznium chooses to avoid that path. While we realize that offering terms would probably increase our sales, we don't believe it would necessarily improve our business. Instead we compete by offering great service and competitive prices to our cash-paying customers. After over ten years in business, this policy has worked well, and we have no plans to change horses in the middle of this particular stream. So for now, Oznium shall remain a proud participant in the deleveraging of America.

Do we accept purchase orders?

YES, we're happy to accept a purchase order, as long as the payment terms are cash. This means you must pay up-front with a credit card (or wire transfer). Sorry, no paper checks, no Net 30, etc.

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