LEDs, Pre-wired LEDs, SuperFlux, Surface Mount, LED Holders & More

Pre Wired LEDs are bright, small, and can be used pretty much anywhere! Most are designed to be powered by a 12 volt power source. Our LEDs typically have at least 3 feet of wire already attached so installation is quick and easy. We offer an attractive Pre wired LED Indicator Light which can be mounted on a panel. Or drill a small hole and snap in our side mounted LED module. Our most popular option for 12 volt pre wired LED lights is our Flush Mount LED Bolt, available in a huge range of colors and sizes to fit your project.
If you're looking for an absolutely tiny LED, prewired with flexible wires and with a suitable resistor for direct hookup to 12V, check out the Prewired Surface Mount LED, available in a 2835 or 5050 size. They are pre-wired, ultra bright, and designed to last for years to come. You can power them with 12V dc, or a 9V battery.

Want to use a bolt LED but can't access the back of the panel to tighten the nut? Check out our creative Snap Fit LED Bolt which has spring loaded retaining clips for easy mounting to a panel. Just drill a 12mm (about 1/2") hole, and snap it in.

Our attractive surface mounted Prewired 12V LED Module is available in a few styles: straight or round bezel, chrome or black, and has a 3M double sided sticky tape on the back - just peel and stick.