Buy LED Dome Lights, Blue Dome Lights, Square Arrays

Functional and stylish - Our incredibly bright LED dome lights are a *must have* mod for any vehicle.

For an energy efficient and super bright LED dome light or perhaps a square LED array to light up your car's interior, look no further, you'll find the best selection right here. Our blue led dome lights will add some serious personality to your car's interior and our rigid dome lights are ideal for your truck, and even your trailer.

If you're looking for a more streamlined solution, we have ultra thin LED dome lights that are quick and easy to install. Our dummy LED dome light bulbs are perfect for those custom projects, they come in a pack of four so you can pick the size you need.
"I wanted to replace the very dim stock dome lights in my car. I didn't want a cheap tiny LED replacement bulb. I wanted something with incredible brightness... So I got a circuit board at Radio Shack and spent a couple hours soldering the 4-chip superflux LEDs onto it.

The result was fantastic, but it took forever to build, and most people don't have the patience.

So, I created these products - universal LED dome lights available in arrays with multiple LEDs." - Phil Suslow, Owner Oznium.com