LED Flood and Spot Lights - 12 Volt Waterproof Lights

Our LED Flood Light projects a wide angle 120° "flood" of light. Or if you need a more narrow focused 25° beam of light to project far, choose our LED Spotlight. Both products are about the size of a golf ball, in a durable, waterproof aluminum housing. Mounting is quick and easy with the included 3M double sided tape - just peel and stick. Or use screws to permanently mount them.

If you need something even brighter, our versatile Eclipse™ High Power LED Spot & Floodlight is larger, but also really bright, and available in 10W, 20W, and 50W options.
All of our led flood lights and spot lights easily hook up to any 12V power source. They are fully waterproof, making them perfect as outdoor led flood lights and designed for years of trouble-free operation.