Marine LED Lighting

Extremely bright and energy efficient waterproof lighting for Maritime uses such as: Boat Lighting, General Purpose Flood Lights, Waterproof Spotlights, and more!

Customer Marine LED Action Videos

Customer from Huntsville, Alabama using a bunch of LEDs on his Mastercraft X-45:

2 x Remote 4 Channel Million Color Controllers

120 x Prewired LEDs (split among red, blue, and green)

30 x Prewired Surface Mount LEDs (RGB Million)

3 x Prewired Ribbon LED Strips (4 Foot, RGB Million)

Using a bunch of LEDs on this 2007 Malibu VLX:

1 Superflux LED in each cupholder, 5 in each of the rear vents and 1 behind each of the fuse holders.

2 10" Tri-Chip LED Tubes in the battery compartment.

1 Music and Flash controller wired to the under seat lights.