Loose LEDs: Component, Discrete, through hole & surface mount LED

Ready to roll up your sleeves and install some LEDs? We offer a wide variety of LED components for your creative projects. The "original" 5mm Super Bright LED is still popular and easy to work with, especially when you pair it with an LED Holder.

Our 3528 size surface mount PLCC-2 LEDs are designed to be soldered directly on the surface of a circuit board, and are commonly used in dash gauge swaps.
Most of these loose & component LEDs operate at voltages from about 2v to 3.5v (depending on the LED & color). Be careful not to apply too much voltage, otherwise they can instantly burn out! If you want to power them with a 12v source, you can drop the voltage down by either wiring them in series, or use our LED Resistor Calculator to calculate the right resistor.

Pretty much all LEDs are polarity sensitive, meaning if you accidentally reverse the positive (+) and negative (-) wires, the LED won't light up. But don't worry, nothing bad will happen - your LED won't be damaged by this. When you flip the wires back to the correct orientation, the LED will light up.

If you want to save time, consider our selection of Pre-wired 12v-ready LEDs which already have resistors built in, and pre-soldered wire leads.