LED Modules

Save valuable time during installation! Our LED Modules are already connected together in a long string.

How to choose an LED Module?

LED modules are tiny, waterproof and bright. They connect to any 12 volt source (for example a 12V battery, or an AC Adapter). Whether you just want one, or a whole string of LED Modules, we have many styles to suit your project.

Prewired Modules

One of the most common uses for our LED Modules in a string is for backlighting signage. Each set of LEDs is already prewired and connected to each other a few inches apart, so you can backlight an area.

Attractive Silver or Black Lighting

We also offer an attractive standalone LED Module which looks great even if visible. Its available in either a black or silver chrome housing, and straight/round configurations. It even has a strong 3M peel and stick double sided tape. This one isn't strung together, but rather only has one pair of 12V + and - wires coming out.