Bass Boat LED Lighting: Deck Lights, Livewell Lights, for Night Fishing - Extremely Bright and Durable

Light up the night, and catch more fish in style with our bass boat LED lighting products.
Bass Boat LED Deck Lights LEDs Lighting Flush Mount LED Bolts - #1 seller for Deck Lights
Starting at only $5.99 each, you can't afford not to light up your Bass Boat Deck in style. Imagine cruising the water at night with a cool glow of light at your feet. Improve safety and performance for night fishing. Oznium's inexpensive, ultra-bright, and easy to mount LED Bolts are ready to ship to your door. Pre-wired with 3 feet of wire for easy hook up to 12 volts.
Bass Fishing Boat Livewell LEDs Chrome & Black LED Modules
$9.99 each Super bright output. Waterproof. Perfect for livewells, courtesy lights, or compartment lights. Available in straight or round, and six cool colors. Plus, you can choose between a chrome or black bezel. Easily hooks up to 12 volts.

LED Boat Deck Lights - Customer Installation Video: