Snap it into a 3/4 inch hole and you're good to go. Clean, easy, and attractive.

Available in 7 popular styles:

- Plain/Regular (No LED. Does not light up)
- Blue (LED lights up when switch is on)
- Red (LED lights up when switch is on)
- Green (LED lights up when switch is on)
- White (LED lights up when switch is on)
- Amber (LED lights up when switch is on)
- On / Off / On (A 3 position switch. No LED)

The maximum current load is about 16 amps at 12 volts, so you can safely power plenty of LED tubes, thousands of individual LEDs, plus an underbody kit.

For your convenience, the switches come pre-wired with about 4 inches of wire crimped on.[1] The LED switches use 3 wires, and the regular switches use 2 wires.

Very easy wiring. To hook up the LED switches: The black wire goes to ground, the red wire directly next to the black wire (this is the red wire in the middle) goes to your constant power source, and the other red wire on the end goes to the circuit you are powering. Check out a wiring diagram.

Hole size? Use a 3/4" hole saw to drill a cutout[2]

Use 3/4 inch hole saw Round Rocker LED Switch - Panel Mount Example

[1] Wire is included on all except the "On / Off / On" style.

[2] Depending on the thickness and type of material you're mounting the switch to, the hole size may have to be a little bit larger than 0.75 inches. But somewhere between 0.75 and 0.8 should work. If you're mounting it to a somewhat flexible material like plastic or wood, you can still make the hole larger by "wobbling" the drill bit around until the hole gets larger.