Available in straight or round, with a black or chrome bezel, and six light colors, these tiny LED modules give off a tremendous glow.

Like an LED puck light, they are perfect around the house or in the car. These tiny wonders are fully waterproof, can be mounted with the included 3M adhesive, and easily hook up to any 12 volt power source.

A discrete, yet sleek, lighting solution, the LED modules work great both tucked away or directly visible.

They are ready to work on any 12 volt system. Just hook up the red wire to positive and the black to negative (ground).

Each module uses 6 PLCC-2 style surface mount LEDs with a wide, 110 degree viewing angle.

We're running a crazy special discount at way below cost on the Straight Black - Pink @ only $2.99 each (or even as low as $2.39 if you apply the Wholesale Pricing discount) while supplies last.
A customer special ordered 1000+ of these, but then backed out, so we got stuck with a 20+ year's supply :)
If your project requires pink, or you could even possibly use pink in your project, be sure to pick up a bunch of these at a great discount!

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