From outdoor LED lighting and ceiling lights to motion sensors and LED strip lights, not all LEDs are the same. Which means that, depending on your project, you’ll have to select the right product accordingly – easier said than done, right? 

Well, not really. As soon as you establish which category your LED needs fit, you’re in the clear. LED’s are divided into these categories: 


Home LED Lights

You wouldn’t think that finding the perfect kitchen lighting would be a big deal – but it is. Too bright or too dim, badly positioned or the wrong color can sometimes be a game changer. LED strip lights, down lights even multi-color bulbs are just some of the many environmentally friendly LEDs available: 

Oznium Products

Installation Types

Perfect For

Solid-State LED Home Light

Screw-in E27

Corporate events

Expo lighting

Mood/light therapy uses

Surface Mount Downlight

M2.5 Screws

Cabinet lighting

Wine shelf


Flexible Home LED Strips

3M adhesive tape

Cable ties

Around curved ceilings



  • The Extreme Million Color LED Bulb – With 15 vibrant colors and a remote to control the whole thing, this product is the ideal addition to create a tranquil workspace, bring ambiance to a living room or just as a fun addition to any room. 
  • Surface Mount Downlight – Need to light up a cabinet or draw attention to a showcase in your home? These 7mm ultra-thin LEDs have a low power consumption and produce a bright glow in either cool or warm white. 
  • Flexible Home LED Strips – If you’re looking to light up a big space, inside or outside, the durable and weatherproof LED strips are ideal for the job. Easy to mount, long-lasting, low wattage and most importantly flexible!

Whether it’s for your work, your kitchen, outside area or bedroom, there’s certainly an option to suit your needs. 


Garden & Outdoor LED Lights

Durability, functionality and brilliance, that’s what you should be looking for when it comes to lighting up your outdoor area. In saying so, the first thing you should ask yourself when shopping for outdoor LED lights is, what do you need it for?


Oznium Products

Installation Types

Perfect For

High powered LED flood lamps

Screw-in PAR38

Security light

Outdoor light

Garden Deck light

Motion Sensor Flood Light


Front entrance light

Backyard light

Porch light

Barn light

Solar Powered Lawn Light

Stake light

Lawn light

Table light

Pathway light


  • Large-scale illuminating – High powered LED flood lamps are certainly the ‘light’ of the party. These flood lights not only lower your energy bill but they’re also easy to mount and produce a light equivalent to 75 watts. Perfect for your barbecue area or garden.
  • Security – Whether you want to light your driveway up when you arrive home at night or setup an automatic light system, a motion sensor light is the perfect solution. Best of all, you can find options that are solar powered to save on your light bill.
  • Lawn lights – Solar powered lawn lights are superb for lighting up walkways, lawns or outside areas, without fuss or concern about running your electricity bill up. All you need to do is ensure that your outdoor solar lights panel is facing the sun.

Today, outdoor LED lighting is weather resistant, versatile and most importantly easy to install – perfect for any homeowner.


Vehicle LED Lights

Having the correct lights on your vehicle or motorcycle is not only important, but also the law. Whether you want custom accent lights for your license plates or LED strip lights for your motorcycle, you might not realize that there’s whole collection available.


Oznium Products

Installation Types

Perfect For

Flush Mount LED Bolt

Screw-in flush mount

Turn signal light

Tail / brake light

Custom Accent LED


Turn signal light

Tail / brake light

Underbody light

Angel Eyes



  • Flush Mount LED Bolt – Forget the butt of a bolt sticking out, these flush lights are not limited to your vehicle and are super versatile and sleek for your lighting needs.
  • Custom Accent LEDs – Waterproof, impact resistant and suitable for all sorts of weather conditions, these custom accents are the perfect LED light solution for your motorcycle.
  • Angel Eyes – Bright, easy to install and highly resistant to corrosion, COB LED Angel Eyes LED lights are perfect to use on your motor vehicle.

If you’re shopping LED lights for your vehicle or bike, this guide can help you make the right choice.


Boats and Marine LED Lights

If you’re looking to take your night fishing game to the next level, LED boat lights are a sure-fire way to make that happen. If bass fishing is your catch of choice, you can find several versatile and easy to install solutions, such as:


Oznium Products

Installation Types

Perfect For

LED Spotlights

3M adhesive tape
Screws 3.0 mm

Boat deck light

Under boat light

High intensity flood lights

M4 Screws

Hull light
Under boat light

Deck lights



Boat deck light

Navigation lights


Boat light: Red port side, Green starboard side

  • LED Spotlights – Versatile, energy efficient and fully waterproof, these spotlights are able to be submerged for years underwater and are the perfect addition to your boat.
  • High intensity flood lights – With it’s sleek and durable design, these waterproof floodlights can be mounted just about anywhere on your boat.
  • Deck lights – A super bright LED decking light kit, great for bass boats and complete with wiring, dimmer switch, and both snap-fit springs and nuts.
  • Navigation lights – Available in black and silver housing, with high resistance to corrosion and an ultra sleek flush mount design, these are the ideal navigation lights for your boat.

Furthermore, there are several other LED lights available that can be adapted to fit your home, vehicle, boat or all of the above.


Industrial & Engineering LED Lights

Gone are the days when you would simply install a fluorescent light in your shop and be done with it. LED shop lights are now available in a range of styles, at a fraction of the cost for electricity.

Products like LED strip lights are not only easy to install but they can really accentuate curves and details in your store, restaurant or other business.

If you’re looking for something specific, consider these options:


Oznium Products

Installation Types

Perfect For

Surface Mount LED Light Bar

3M adhesive tape

Kitchen light

Under-cabinet light

Outside deck light

Commercial LED Flood Lights

3M adhesive tape

Front entrance light

Backyard light

Porch light

Knowledge is Power

From kitchen lighting and ceiling lights to LED boat and strip lights, once you know where to find what you’re looking for, there’s no stopping your creativity.

Get creative with LED lighting and shop at Oznium today!

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