Tired of the same old depressed looking dog? Does K.C. not have quite the bite, or spark in his eye he once did? You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but with our patented Safe-T-Glow proprietary engineering, your dog, cat, hampster, even birds will now glow after nibbling and eating one of the InstaGlow LED Biscuits.

How does it work?
It's quite simple actually. Embedded in a normal size (and quite tasty) dog-biscuit / treat is an polyurethane coated membrane which will activate the small SMD LED Module once it makes contact with the dogs stomach / water, but leaves the tiny LED completely and 100% safely sealed, leaving your dog looking great, and you: worry free! The nano-thin crystal battery paper embedded into the LED unit will last a full 12-14 hours of constant glow.

Mix colors for an even cooler effect! Feeling patriotic? Want everyone on the block to know how much you love your country? Walk your three dogs in tandem with Red, White, and Blue LEDs and make America proud! - 100% Safe to All Animals* Besides Iguanas born from (1998-2001)

Are they humane?
Of course! After a normal digestion process, the dog, cat, hampster, and even bird can safely and easily pass the LED through their digestion system with ease due to the small size of the actual LED / battery unit. It's 100% safe, humane, and ASPCA tested!

Serving Size Suggestion:
Small Dog: 3-5 InstaGlow LED Bites for optimal glow (add 3 more for darker coats)
Medium Dog: 5-7 InstaGlow LED Bites for optimal glow (add 2 more for darker coats)
Large Dog: 8-10 InstaGlow LED Bits for optimal glow and luminosity (add 3 more for darker coats)